Grades 2 Day Program – Ages 6 – 11

From: $0.00 / month for 4 months and a $25.00 sign-up fee

Threefold Village Waldorf-Inspired Grades 2 Day Program for age groups 6 – 8 yrs and 9 – 11 years.  The enrichment occurs Monday and Tuesday from 10am – 3pm.    This enrollment covers both days.  Please, choose the age group appropriate for your child.


  • Choose the Session Length – Either Full Year, or Fall Semester
  • Days of the Week – The two day combination that works for you.
  • Payment Terms –
    • Choose “One-time” to pay the total, today.
    • Choose “Monthly Installments” to pay a 15% deposit + your first monthly installment today and the balance will be billed in monthly installments according to your selection.
    • Choose “Charter Funds” if you are currently enrolled in a charter program we partner with.  You will be charged a $25 deposit which will either be applied to your final balance, or if Charter funds cover your complete balance, the $25 will be refunded to you.


Grades 2 Day Program – Homeschool Enrichment Age 6 -11

This “Grades” 2 day program includes the below listed enrichments, which will occur Monday and Tuesday of each week of the session length.  These sessions are led by Waldorf Certified and experienced teachers.

  • 2 sessions of Main Lesson Enrichment (Age appropriate) with assistance and suggestions for the parent lessons, as well
  • 1 session of Waldorf Spanish Enrichment
  • 1 session of Spacial Dynamics / Games 
  • 1 session of a music or art session (depending on age)
  • 1 Session of Handwork


  • Children ages 6 – 8 will participate in an age appropriate track of sessions.
  • Children ages 9 – 11 will participate in an age appropriate track of sessions.
  • The two age grouped tracks do not not overlap in sessions.
  • Student Enrollment agreements and waivers will be sent to you and must be signed and returned to complete enrollment.
  • Parents will send their children with their own lunch, lunch will be supervised.
  • Enrichment starts at at the top of the hour, please, be punctual
  • Enrichment ends at 3pm . Pick up is between 3p and 3:15p
  • After-care is not available at this time
  • Semester are September 18 through December 15.
A materials fee will be required for materials used during the course each semester.  

Additional information

Age Group

6 – 8yr (Grades 1-2), 9 – 11yr (Grades 3-5)

Session Length


Payment Terms

Charter Funding, Monthly Installments, One Time Payment