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Welcome to Threefold Village

The Mission

Threefold Village is committed to cultivating and nurturing an inclusive form of Waldorf pedagogy within the diverse homeschool community of Los Angeles, California, USA.  We support parents, families, and educators.   Together we are overcoming one of the biggest challenges homeschoolers face; building consistent and connected community.

The Community

If you are a homeschooling family who understands the importance of community, you are in the right place.  If you believe in the power of a child’s imagination and the experience of learning by doing; you are in the right place.

The Method

Simply put, Threefold Village is “Waldorf – inspired” community. We believe in and practice principles developed by Rudolph Steiner, more commonly known as Waldorf Education.  Our team strives to bring growth and to deepen understanding of a “Head, Heart, and Hands” holistic approach to learning.




A Path to the Village

The path of homeschooling is beautiful and rewarding. At the same time long and challenging.  As well, it can be very lonely.  It is easy to feel isolated.

At Threefold Village, we believe that doing it differently or according to our own design, shouldn’t mean doing it alone.  An African adage says “It takes a village to raise a child.”  We agree.

About Threefold Village Homeschool Community

About Threefold Village

Threefold Village, a nonprofit corporation, was created to support Los Angeles Waldorf Inspired Homeschoolers. We are a space for sharing, support, learning, and love.
Threefold Village is an “Inside out” community group, not “Outside in.”  Parents who live the lifestyle, saw the need, and decided to do something about it.  A few miracles later several like-minded dynamos had connected on the ideas and vision of bringing a deep sense of community to life for the families who can best take advantage of it.  We are in the community, and working to reach out….  we are not on the outside looking to pull from inside the community.

Contact Us

Phone: 1 (818) 925-4092



Youtube: Threefold Village Youtube Channel

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Pricing and Weekly Schedules are Released!

Pricing and Weekly Schedules are Released! Amazing!  So much is happening, it’s hard to keep up with everything. Enrichment Services are announced, with pricing and weekly schedule.  Inspire Charter School students get an amazing deal through the Specialty Program. Inspire Choice Plus students will have some great options, as well, as Threefold Village has become …

More Updates – July 13, 2017

We’ve Added Homeschool Services If you’re interested in an overview of the content we’re putting together for Fall 2017, head on over to Homeschool Services for a peek at our recent update!   Included is a listing of our enrichment services, by topic. Coming soon: Calendar and Schedule Programs and Pricing List of participating Charters

Announcing Threefold Village Enrichment Services!

Threefold Village Enrichment Services   Thank you for being a Threefold Villager!   Your energy and support has inspired a new chapter in our community‚Äôs growth. Targeting this fall, Threefold Village is expanding offerings to include Enrichment Services to augment the rich education you bring as homeschooling families.     All offerings will be tailored …