Summer Sessions - Summer Camp

Summer Sessions at Threefold Village

We are excited to offer summer sessions another year at Threefold Village. We welcome all children who will enjoy a creative and artful summer experience!  No matter how your child learns during the school year, our summer sessions are engaging and fun!   

Children will enjoy a balance of hands-on projects, crafts, and activities!  Adventures will take place indoors and out on our beautiful campus, and may include occasional water play to keep cool in the summer heat.

Available to children ages 4y 9m to about 14 years of age, with groups comprised of age-appropriate cohorts. Join us for an active, engaging, meaningful Summer Session experience!

Important to Know: 

      • Children are to pack a water bottle and a healthy lunch that does not require refrigeration. 
      • Some days may include water play and you will be advised when bathing suits, a change of clothes, or towels may be needed.   (Children must be able to dry and change independently to participate.)
      • Charter funds are not accepted for Summer Camp Sessions. 
      • Sessions are subject to change and additional sessions may be added. 
      • Availability is limited. 
      • If you wish to register more than one child in the same session, you can edit your quantity for each session on the next page. 
Children holding hands, in a single file line, following the leader on a sidewalk from the classroom.
Threefold Village children heading to enjoy a May Faire celebration!

Children will benefit from skills development and social activity in a safe and supportive environment with an emphasis on  embracing creativity and enjoying social cooperation… all while having fun!

Children Playing Blanket-ball
Mrs. Parker’s group working it out with a collaborative game.

All of our staff provide encouragement and guidance in cooperative and creative play, as well as, insights in creative projects.  And, of course, we consider child health and safety our top priority!  We maintain staff with training in First Aid and CPR, in addition to having up-to-date background checks for every adult on the team.

Sessions begin at 9:30 AM, and conclude at 3:00 PM

Below, click or tap the group that applies to your child to register!

AGES 4y 9m to 6y

Monday through WEDNESDAY – $450 / 2 weeks

Summer Sessions ’24 Early Childhood – Jun 17 to 26th M,T,W

Summer Sessions ’24 Early Childhood – July 01 to 10th M,T,W

Summer Sessions ’24 Early Childhood – July 15 to 24th M,T,W

Summer Sessions ’24 Early Childhood – July 29 to Aug 07 M,T,W

AGES 7 to 9y

Monday through Wednesday – $500 / Spans 2 Weeks

Summer Sessions ’24 Ages 7 – 10, Creative Arts – Jul 01 to 10th – M,T,W

AGES 11 to 14y

Monday through Wednesday – $500 / Spans 2 Weeks

Summer Sessions ’24 Ages 11 – 14, Creative Arts – Jul 01 to 10th – M,T,W