About Threefold Village Homeschool Community

About Threefold Village

Threefold Village, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, was created to support Los Angeles Waldorf Inspired Homeschoolers. We are a space for sharing, support, learning, and love.
Threefold Village is an “Inside out” community group, not “Outside in.”  Parents who live the lifestyle saw the need and decided to do something about it.  A few miracles later several like-minded dynamos had connected on the ideas and vision of bringing a deep sense of community to life for the families who can best take advantage of it.  We are in the community and working to build it out….  we are not looking in from outside, pulling from inside the community.

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Phone: 1 (818) 925-4092

Email: info@threefoldvillage.com


Youtube: Threefold Village Youtube Channel

Instagram: @ThreefoldVillage