Homeschool Services

Homeschool Services

Footage appears from recent Threefold Village Early Childhood events.
Special thanks to Villager Natalia Walth, for the great video.  

Enrichment Services

Threefold Village is offering enrichment services and instructional blocks taught by Waldorf Certified teachers and subject matter experts who adhere to a Waldorf-friendly approach to learning.  

Enrichment Content Overview

Here you will find a list of enrichment topics offered by Threefold Village for Fall 2017.  While some enrichment services are offered separately to grades or age groups, the content of every enrichment will be tailored to the age and grade accordingly.  In the case of a combined group, the teacher will provide appropriate support to the range of ages.

Early Childhood / Kindergarten

Appropriate for children ages 4y 9mo-6y, the Kindergarten enrichment is rooted in Waldorf inspired pedagogy. The program will include circle time, story time, songs, snacks, baking, handwork, and cooperative play opportunities.  Children learn and explore collaboratively, at their own pace and with the nurturing guidance of their teacher.  This session encompasses three phases during a single day; Morning circle with handwork and play, Lunch – including practical work, and Afternoon – story time, play and end of day chores. This session will be lead by a Waldorf-trained educator.

Main lesson

Main Lesson enrichment services follow core blocks of curriculum appropriate for Waldorf inspired pedagogy.  This enables introduction of topics that homeschoolers will cover in greater detail and revisit throughout the week at home, as well as with us.  These subject blocks incorporate the children creating their own main lesson books, age appropriate morning circle, light musical participation and group oriented collaboration and cooperation with fellow students. 

As with the nature of Waldorf pedagogy; the use of integrated skills for learning, music, eurythmy and art will all make an appearance, at the teacher’s discretion.  Main Lesson occurs on each day of the 2 Day Program.  Age appropriate sessions will be available to each age group, and lead by a Waldorf-trained Teacher.  


The child’s will is such an important thing to nurture.  An ability to complete his work is developed and encouraged using skills learned through handwork.  This enrichment service focuses on knitting, sewing, felting, spinning yarn, basic wood-finishing projects and weaving.  Tailored to the age and ability of the students; the “will forces” will be met in a productive and satisfying manner.  The instruction and demonstrations will be lead by a Teacher, who understands the importance of handwork and how it links to the broader curriculum.

Waldorf Spanish

This is an opportunity to develop a second (or third) language.  Homeschool families often do not have multiple, or preferred, languages available.  This enrichment service will introduce and promote use of a second language and will provide a forum for practicing the language with peers in the community, an important element to comprehensive understanding.  Language courses under consideration at the time of this writing include Spanish and Japanese.

Games / Spacial Dynamics

This enrichment service nurtures and cultivates active exploration of physical abilities, coordination and movement through space.  Age appropriate games of coordination, cooperation, and awareness allow the children to exert themselves in a safe and fun environment.  These physical activities help to develop a well-rounded and fulfilled child.  Waldorf education places emphasis on the limbs as extensions of our understanding and ability to fully communicate.  Spacial dynamics and games provide many benefits, including exercise, confidence, and cooperation.


Music is a gift.  It is fun to hear, play, and sing!  This enrichment service will offer age-appropriate engagement in voice and instruments.   Instruction is led by an accomplished musical instructor, embracing the Waldorf pedagogy to bring the un-pressured joy of music and skill development.  This includes violin and viola lessons for children of the appropriate ages.  

Farm & Garden

Working the soil is an incredible way to connect with the natural world, learn the value of work and to reap the rewards of perseverance. This enrichment brings fundamentals of bio-dynamic farming and responsible, sustainable stewardship of the Earth into practice with the goal of producing value within the community.

Please, watch this space as we continue to add more opportunities to support the education of your whole child.

Schedule and Pricing

Please, email for current pricing and schedule options.