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Main Lesson enrichment is the core of the learning methodology brought by experienced Waldorf Certified teachers delivering quality educational blocks to support the developing child.  Age appropriate circle time, music, stories, drawings and games, bring lessons of history, math, botany, geography and other important topics to life through creativity.  

Main Lesson is a two day enrichment spanning Monday, & Tuesday from 10am – 1pm.  


  • Choose the Session Length – Either Full Year, or Fall Semester
  • Days of the Week – Monday, Tuesday.  This package includes one session, each ,Monday and Tuesday from 10am – 1p.
  • Children will bring their lunch, as communal lunches and practical work are integrated into the learning experience.
  • Payment Terms –
    • Choose “One-time” to pay the total, today.
    • Choose “Monthly Installments” to pay a 15% deposit + your first monthly installment today and the balance will be billed monthly, in additional payments. (See selections for more details.)
    • Choose “Charter Funds” if you are currently enrolled in a charter program we partner with.  You will be charged a deposit which will either be applied to your final balance, or if Charter funds cover your complete balance, the deposit will be refunded to you.

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Main Lesson Enrichment

Main Lesson enrichment follows core blocks of curriculum appropriate for Waldorf inspired pedagogy, led by Waldorf Certified and experienced teachers.  Blocks provide a structure of learning cycles introducing and developing the topics homeschoolers will cover in greater detail at Threefold Village, then revisit throughout the week at home.  These subject blocks incorporate the children creating their own main lesson books, age appropriate morning circle, light musical participation and group oriented collaboration and cooperation with fellow students. 

As with the nature of Waldorf pedagogy; the use of integrated skills for learning, music, eurythmy and art will all make an appearance, at the teacher’s discretion.  Main Lesson occurs on each day of the 2 Day Program, and can be acquired as a stand alone enrichment.  Age appropriate sessions will be available to each age group, and lead by a highly qualified and experienced Waldorf Certified Teacher.  

Threefold Village is committed to supporting homeschool families.  Not only do we provide quality enrichment services to students in the community – we also enrich the parent experience through regular and on-going support.  Main Lesson teachers will be sharing updates with the parents to include what the children are working on, what’s coming next, along with tips, suggestions and ideas of what additional work or activities the parents can enjoy with their students to deepen and strengthen the knowledge the children are acquiring throughout the week.

There is no one day option for Main Lesson.  The two day rhythm is important in laying the foundation of understanding with the children.  The two days also provides some “stickiness” to the material presented, which improves retention opportunities when the parent follows up the lessons with activities and work as the week progresses.

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