Easter Gathering and Egg Hunt 2017 at Gilchrist Farm

Thank You Threefold Village Community!

Wow!  We had such an amazing day spending time with our Threefold Village community!  You are amazing, inspiring, and full of love.  What an incredible pleasure watching the children and parents talk, laugh and play together.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for bringing your joy and good will to the event to brighten an already beautiful spring day. 

Purple Flower Arrangement
Lovely flowers for a lovely day.

The morning tours and wagon rides were delightful.  The beautifully crafted story and puppet show performed by Leigh Hart set our imaginations to nature and splendor. The fun-filled egg hunt full of surprises, beautifully crafted and contributed by Kat Kinsley, Laura Mills, Camille Parker and Leigh Hart, brought joy to the children with each new discovery. Jessica Libero Edwards blessed us with a touch of elegance by sharing floral arrangements of bouquets from her family’s garden.  You are, each, a treasure and we thank you for your warmth and kindness!

Additionally, we want to express our gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful folks who provided the wonderful and engaging environment.  Thank you to Gilchrist Farm for providing such a wonderful hands-on and down to earth experience with the animals, the open spaces and the delightful lunch area.   The folks at Gilchrist Farm were kind, warm, and sincere in their hospitality.  We couldn’t have asked for a better place to host our event.

The pièce de résistance was graciously provided by Sande Strings.  during our lunch, we were treated to live string selections, conducted by Penny Sande, performed by her students, including a member of our very own Threefold Village community.  This lovely ambience transitioned our lovely morning of animals and farm learning, to an imaginative and adventurous afternoon.

We are happy to share this slideshow of the wonderful people and experiences that we cherish from out time together.

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