Summer Solstice – June 20, 2017

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Join us for the Summer Solstice Gathering.  This item registers one family for the Gathering.  This includes the the mandala, the bonfire and herbal bundle.

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Join us for our Summer Solstice celebration!

We will come together to enjoy the longest day and shortest night on this turning point in the year!  We will honor this time of year with an afternoon of beach play and beach combing, a seasonal story, sand craft, bonfire, music, singing and dancing!

What is the Summer Solstice?

Summer Solstice is an ancient holiday. The word solstice is derived from Latin meaning sun (sol) and to stand still (sistere) for the time in which the sun appears to stand still moving neither north nor south for several days. After which the sun begins its journey south while the earth is just beginning to heat up and begin to bring forth the life that awakened at spring.

Crafting Together

Traditionally, Threefold Village gatherings feature a craft.  For the Summer Solstice Gathering the group will be forming a Sun Sand Mandala using beach treasures found along the shore, following a children’s story by Shawna Campbell. Please collect shells, stones, driftwood, sea plants, and other natural beach treasures as a family. We will create the mandala collectively; we encourage families to add the the piece together. It will be exciting to see what we create as a group!

Bonefire at Dockwelier Beach
Bonfire at Sunset, Dockweiler Beach

Bonfire: Warmth and Light

We are excited to have, Apprentice of the Wild mentor, Sean Critchfield share a simple story and work with the children to light the bonfire using primitive methods. Once blazing, we will come together to sing songs around the bonfire. For your reference, below is a list of songs that we may be singing.

  • Three Little Birds, Bob Marley
  • This Little Light of Mine
  • You are my Sunshine
  • Let it Be

We encourage everyone to refresh their minds with the lyrics so we can all join in as a group to sing together! Of course, you should feel free to bring small drums/instruments to play along!  As part of the tradition dried herb bundles will be provided to be thrown into the bonfire.

Beach Event Tips

* It is (always) important to bring plenty of water for yourself and your child
* There will be time during the gathering for families to enjoy snacks and dinner, that they have brought for themselves, as this is a longer celebration lasting into the evening hours.
* Protection for skin, such as long sleeves, sun screen, etc.
* Sun Hats are very useful as well as beach umbrellas or beach (“easy up”) tents to provide shade from the sun.
* Be sure to bring beach blankets and/or chairs for your family
* Sand toys such as sifters and pails with be useful for collecting shells and such for the mandala.

Registration Fee

Event fee is $5 per Family.  The payment can be made, securely, through PayPal using your PayPal account or a Credit / Debit Card. You will receive an email confirmation and receipt.


We will begin to assemble @ 3pm.  We have planned activities until about 7pm.

Parking & Location

Parking is $8 in the Dockweiler Beach parking lot. Street parking may be available along Vista del Mar at no cost.

12000 Vista Del Mar
Playa Del Rey,   CA 90293

We look forward to celebrating this wonderful festival with you and your family!