Simplicity, Rhythm, Warmth Early Childhood Workshop

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Join us for this Early Childhood Workshop to learn, or enforce important aspects of nurturing the developing child up to age 7.  You will learn from experienced Waldorf educators the importance of Storytelling, Circle Time, Practical Work, and Movement!

Also, get tips for keeping it simple, and maintaining a rhythm at home!

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Simplicity, Rhythm & Warmth

Threefold Village Early Childhood Workshop

Come join us for insights and wisdom from experienced, passionate educators.  This early childhood workshop is set to be very informative for anyone considering a Waldorf approach to educating their child between the ages of 0 and 7 years!

DATE: May 27, 2017
TIME: 1:00- 3:00 PM
COST: $20 per person (limited seating is available, confirm today!)
ADDRESS: La Tuna Canyon Area – Exact Address Provided upon Purchase

Is This Workshop for Me?

  • Do you have a child age 0 through 7?
  • Would you like to cultivate feelings of safety, security, and confidence in your sprouting child?
  • Have you wondered how to meet your child at her/his level to ignite a passion for learning?
  • Does the day to day of running a household, caring for the family and nurturing your child leave you feeling pressed, stressed, or overwhelmed?
  • Are there never enough hours in the day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop will benefit you!

Early Childhood Workshop Overview


Sharyl Henry
Kayti Henry

We are excited to be joined by Sheryl and Kayti who come to share their unique insights and experience on nurturing and embracing the young child in the Waldorf pedagogy.   Each will share methods, reasoning and practical examples to better equip you to construct a beautiful and safe environment for learning and discovery in your home. 

From Miss Sharyl:
  • Learn about benefits of Simplicity in your child’s life
  • Discover the importance of Rhythm in the child’s routine
  • Gain understanding of how presenting with Warmth nurtures and strengthens the whole child

From Miss Kayti:
  • Explore the value and purpose of Circle Time
  • Dig into the importance of Storytelling
  • And the reason and importance of movement and practical work

Here’s a peek at a circle time from the archives of Miss Kayti’s Kindergarten class:


We will have discussion time to follow the topical presentation.  Please, bring any questions you may have about these, or related topics.  This is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge from individuals with a wealth of experience.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Children Playing in Schoolyard

About Our Hosts

Sharyl Henry

Sharyl remains connected to Waldorf education after more than 35 years. First as a parent and later working in Waldorf nursery and kindergarten classes.  An important focus in her life became creating a Waldorf home environment in which she raised her three children; now grown.  She has an associate of arts degree in Early Childhood Development, has worked in the Los Angeles Unified School District’s high school “Careers With Children & Parenting” program, has led Waldorf reading and discussion groups and Waldorf parenting circles and has continued her education with classes and seminars over the years at Steiner College in Sacramento. 

Miss Kayti Henry
Miss Kayti Henry
Kayti Henry

Kayti Henry was raised in both a Waldorf home environment and attended Waldorf school.  As an adult she received a BA in Liberal Studies from California State University, Northridge and a California Elementary Teaching Credential.  She extended her university experience with an extra year specialty in Early Childhood Development.    She worked at Highland Hall Waldorf School in the kindergarten and nursery for five years.  Afterward she progressed as a kindergarten teacher for two years at (what was) a “Waldorf informed” alternative public school: Mariposa School for Global Education, part of the Los Virgines Unified School District.  She was certified for her Waldorf Teacher Training at the Waldorf Institute of California.  As a lifelong learner, her education continues through numerous Waldorf lectures and classes at Steiner College.  Kayti Henry is currently in her 4th year teaching a growing Waldorf kindergarten at City School.    

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