Village Weekly

Beginning in February of 2019 students from the grades 4,5 class group decided to chronicle a mystery surrounding a missing mustache. One student’s lost mustache and another’s sense of adventure led to the creation of a bulletin posted for the community of Threefold Village. It was a call for all to be on the lookout for the vanished facial-hair disguise!

The children enjoyed the endeavor, which grew with the spark of an enterprising student who sought to distribute and offer subscriptions for a periodical. After all, there are many things to share around the Village… A year later, parents and students look forward to the weekly issue of the Village Weekly with its comics, ads, announcements, quips, and jokes.

In March of 2020 Los Angeles, and the entire world, wrestled with the emergence of a new virus spreading quickly from community to community. As a result, people of all ages and walks of life were required to stay home to reduce the spread of the illness. In response to this challenging situation, Threefold Village decided to move its operations online to provide community and educational support to the children and families who depend on their services.

Threefold’s presence online would be incomplete without the inclusion of the weekly sparkle of joy provided by the faithfully produced Village Weekly. So, we are pleased to announce that this page will become a place where all future issues of the Village Weekly will be made available until a time when we’ve returned to campus. And, who knows? Maybe we’ll keep putting them online then, too…


PS: The Village Weekly is taking submissions!  If you have a comic, essay, photograph, poem, drawing, puzzle, game, recipe or “how-to” that you are willing to share; send it to 

(Attachments should be single, commonly used file types for images or PDFs for any puzzles, essays, comics, etc. Do not send ZIP files or any Word or Excel documents.)



May 13, 2020 Issue #43

May 6, 2020 Issue #42

April 29, 2020 #41

April 22, 2020 #40

March 31, 2020 Issue #39

March 24, 2020 (Issue #38

March 17, 2020 Issue 37

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