Rainbow Bridge Ceremony June 16, 2017

Threefold Village Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge Time!

As the school year comes to a close we cherish the opportunity to host the Rainbow Bridge Ceremony! This is a chance to support the community’s kindergarten students, as they graduate to the grades curriculum in a precious way that 

Don’t have a kindergarten student?  No worries!  This event will provide modifiers to fit older children who have not yet enjoyed the opportunity to cross the bridge, as well as involving pre-k children in the ceremony, as well.

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Rainbow Bridge Ceremony, June 16


Overview of Waldorf Handwork

Waldorf Handwork Overview with Elizabeth Seward

This 3 hour workshop will introduce you to an overview of the handwork curriculum. Come learn how it benefits children by accompanying their development and supporting their cognitive, social, and inner growth.
We will explore both the ‘vertical’ and the ‘horizontal’ curriculum, concentrating on areas of most interest to participants, but also offering a broad picture of what, when, why and how. Everything is carefully woven together in the Waldorf curriculum, and we will explore how to lay a solid foundation of cognitive and practical skills, as well as how to build on them.

Handwork is where “the rubber meets the road!”

Elizabeth will tell some stories, including stories for 1st, 3rd and and 7th grade as examples, and we will learn the basics of spinning (which I see as the lynch-pin and main metaphor for the whole of Waldorf Education!)
Supplies will be provided, and some spindles and fiber will be available for sale.

Our plan is to we will follow up with additional workshops on specific skills and how to teach those them successfully. 

Cost is $25.00  

Email info@threefoldvillage.com for ticket info and reservation.

Who is Elizabeth Seward? 

Elizabeth is a PhD, has been teaching in public and private Waldorf schools for over 30 years, and offering home-schooling and adult classes. She offers workshops and classes to children and adults, parents, teachers and graduate students. Her four grandsons are all happily entering into a Waldorf setting.