Threefold Village Announces News & Information and the Spring Gathering Success!

Hooray!  This is our first update to the site’s news and announcements section.  Essentially, this announcement is to say that we can make announcements now.  

Actually, we have real news about the recent our Spring Gathering.  It was a great success!  Read the details below.

The Threefold Village came together and enjoyed a beautiful day in the verdant foothills of north Glendale.  

Once the families had arrived and the children settled; the day started with a delightful and entertaining circle time led by Camille, which boosted everyone’s mood and uniting the group around our joy.


Spring Circle Time April
Circle Time led by Camille for Threefold Village.


Next, Kelli’s captivating story and puppet show of Lady Spring had everyone’s imagination alight with the cold and magical departure of winter and the beautiful splendor of a new spring!

Threefold Village Circle Time story
Children love story and puppet shows. Kelli Craig shares the delight of a Spring Tale.

Lastly, we enjoyed a spring-themed craft of dying wooden eggs for the children to take home in preparation for the next day.  Everyone was getting into the spirit of the craft – parents, too!  We started with lovely wooden eggs and a spread of quality nontoxic watercolors.  The eggs were stained (or dyed) in the paint jars or, as some children chose, multiple colors to blend new colors.  After the eggs air dried for a short time, a beeswax/mineral oil finish was rubbed into the eggs to seal and polish them.

Check the tutorial of the this craft from the Spring Gathering at our Youtube Channel by clicking here!

Wooden Eggs Being Dyed Threefold
Just the right amount of patience required to get enough color on these age

Today was a wonderful way to say “hello” to spring, and “good-bye” to winter. Everyone came with the hearts full of love and an openness to share.  We’re already looking forward to our next event!  We’ll see you all at the Egg hunt!