Waldorf Homeschool Supplies

Threefold Village Homeschool Supplies and Accessories

A carefully curated collection of Waldorf homeschool supplies offered at great value to help you get the most for your child’s homeschool experience, without taking the most out of your wallet.

Here you will find the same items common in the most prestigious Waldorf schools, at great prices. Homeschooling comes with enough challenges, finding the right supplies at fair prices shouldn’t be one of them.  Hunting and pecking for the right items adds up; costing you precious time and money.  At Threefold Village, we are working hard and searching for the best values to offer our guests.

As a nonprofit corporation, we have a different approach to connecting students and families with the tools they need to support a healthy child through an inspired education.  Every item we offer is selected for the value it provides in stimulating and engaging the developing child’s imagination and senses.  Products that have tangible qualities – they feel good in the hand – made of natural materials and produced to high standards.

We believe in these products and we use them in our homes and in our enrichment programs.

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